About Us

Where we began

Industrus, Inc. was built taking two very successful manufacturing companies, one located in Corona, CA and the other in Tijuana, Mexico, and merging them into one unified organization.  This merger has enabled us to capitalize on more capabilities, more options, better buying power and at better price points for our customers.

Our combined experience of over 35 years in product design and manufacturing makes our company a great choice for companies looking to outsource product design and production at competitive rates.

Where we are

Our domestic facility located in Riverside, CA makes shipping and receiving of goods easy and effective.  Our Mexico facility is located just across the border from San Diego.  This allows us to move raw and finished goods between our facilities efficient and affordable.

Where we're going

As we continue to expand our operations, we are also setting up operations in other cost efficient global locations to help meet the needs of our clients on a global scale.