Services we offer

Research and Development


Our team of R&D professionals will work alongside your team to assist in the research and development of your products.  

This can include researching regulatory and statutory compliance that your product may require. 

Engineering and Design Services


Our Engineers and designers are able to assist in the development of your Technical Package, including:

  • Product design and specifications
  • Bill of material specifications
  • Packaging design

Contract Sewing


With over 250 sewing machines and a wide array of equipment, we are able to sew all types of industrial fabrics.  

Common materials we sew include:

  • Heavy weight Nylon and Polyester
  • Quilted material
  • Stretch fabrics
  • Plastics
  • Non-woven fabrics

Heat Sealing


When a product calls for heat sealing we offer hot air and RF Welding services.

Typical heat sealing materials include polyethylene (PE), Polyurethane (PU), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Polypropylene (PP) 



Most products require assembly.  With a facility in Mexico and in Riverside, CA., USA, our assembly options offer a great solution to all of your assembly needs.  

Industries Served


Some of the industries we serve include:

  • Consumer Products
  • Pet/Equestrian Products
  • Health and Wellness
  • Recreational
  • Safety
  • Marine
  • Medical